About Janet Osha Miller Photography

I started doing photography on a professional basis in 1990 when my mentors, Dot and Cliff Patch from Randolph, Vermont decided to retire after 70 years in the business. I bought most of their equipment and backgrounds and got them along with it! We set everything up in my living room at home and Dot and Cliff started the very difficult process of teaching me their style of portraiture. After time spent with Dot and Cliff, several weeks at the New England Institute of Professional Photography and some very helpful seminars with the Vermont Professional Photographers it finally started to click. One of my favorite mottos that I learned from one of my instructors was, “If you want to see it, light it. If you don’t, don’t!” It only makes sense!

I photograph individuals, children, high school seniors, families and executives out of my home studio on Braintree Hill Road in Randolph in the evenings and on weekends. My approach to portraiture is pure and simple. I have a great time photographing people, and my enthusiasm always spills over onto the people I’m photographing. When weather permits the sessions begin in my 5-acre outdoor studio then finish up inside, allowing for many different options, backgrounds, clothing changes, and styles.

I just LOVE working with people and creating images. If someone says, “I take an awful picture!” I reply, “Well maybe that’s so, but I take wonderful pictures so all you have to do is relax and let me worry about everything!”  It’s my job to make my clients look good, and I love the challenge of helping them relax and look their best!

Janet Osha Miller is a member of the Vermont Professional Photographers, the Professional Photographers of New England and the Professional Photographers of America.

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